Thursday, October 16, 2008

Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.--Plato

So, I'm not a big political person, but this is my kind of Politics:

Halloween Masks Predict Presidential Winner

From the Lexington Herald-Leader today:

Those Halloween Express stores popping up all over Lexington belong to an Owenton-based company and one of the biggest Halloween retailers in the country. The Toledo Blade asked their local Halloween stores how the masks of the presidential candidates are selling. According to the Blade, "Since 1980, the popularity of a presidential candidate's Halloween mask has accurately predicted the outcome of the presidential race in all seven campaigns." In Ohio, the Obama masks are far out-selling McCain. "I sold 29 Obama masks in three days," said Bradley Newman, store manager at the Halloween USA in Rossford. "I've sold just a couple [of] McCains." Halloween Express has Obama masks outselling McCain masks, 320 to 288. The most popular mask of all, though, is Jason, from the Friday The 13th movies. The Herald-Leader wrote about the company in 2006.

Car Wash Asks Customers to Choose Presidential Candidate

KNOXVILLE (WATE) -- So, how will Tuesday night's presidential debate affect the election? It seems many Knoxville voters already have their minds made up and they're showing it in a very unique way.

At the 3 Minute Magic Carwash on Lovell Road, owner Jim Rooney is certainly getting into the patriotic spirit.

He's asking all his customers to choose their candidate before they clean their car. Then they drive in the designated Barack Obama space or the John McCain space.

"I'm that Joe car wash guy, that Joe six-pack man. I'm middle-class America," Rooney says.

As a small business owner and family man, Rooney says the issues this election year are more important to him than ever before.

"What better venue for me to have a little fun with it and see what people are thinking? According to the polls, McCain is a little bit behind, but according to West Knoxville, McCain's a little bit ahead," Rooney says.

In fact, some people choose to ignore the empty Obama lane, just to wait in the McCain line.

"I want people to know how I'm voting," says customer Linda Ackerman.

Whichever candidate they chose, most customers were just happy to have their voices heard.

"Every body's concerned about this election. It's a serious business. I think it's a good thing for businesses to show that they're concerned what direction this country is going to go in as well," says customer John Doggett.

The tally is updated daily and after more than 3,500 customers, Obama has 47 percent and McCain is ahead with 53 percent.

Rooney says he'll keep his poll going until election day on November 4, when he'll urge all of his customers to go cast their official ballot.

If only everything was that simple.

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