Thursday, March 29, 2007

It's Thursday (which means tomorrow is Friday)

So really, I don't know why I continue to write on this thing since it is becoming more and more clear that not a single soul reads it except for me (and Jenny once). Still, I feel the need to record somethings forever and ever (or as long as the Internet shall last) so I come back and write more. (And if there is someone out there that does read this, please leave a comment so I know you were here. It gets lonely out here in blog land sometimes.)

What I realized today was that for the last few weeks all I've been talking about are my favorite TV shows and nothing else, so I decided that today I needed to talk about something else. And, what that really means is that today is going to be one of those random days where I exhibit my ADD and talk about all sorts of things. bracket is limping along towards the finals. After my strong first weekend, I got slaughtered last weekend. In round three I only picked 4 of 8 games correctly and in round four I managed to get 2 of 4 right. That leaves me with two teams in the final 4, both of whom I have playing in the finals. As much as I hate to do it, I may have to cheer for Florida to win it all if I want to have any shot at winning my bracket pool.

Second....I finally (and I mean finally) finished the Harry Potter-Esq scarf. It is done. Bound off, blocked, and fringed. Now, if only I can find someone to love it because after 6 months of looking at the stupid thing, I have no desire to wear it ever. It did turn out pretty, though, so maybe if I just put it away for the summer I will feel better about it next winter. It should be nice and warm since it's double thick and about 7 feet long. Maybe I can find someone up in Minnesota to love it. (A parting gift for Tubby perhaps.)

Which brings me to random rambling number three......just in case you haven't heard (read: have been living under a rock without TV, radio, or newspapers) Tubby has left our darling Lexington for the much colder and snowier University of Minnesota. Apparently he didn't feel wanted here anymore so he went to somewhere where he was wanted. Who knows what really went on. I guess we'll find out when he writes his tell all book. The big news now is who the new coach is going to be. Everyone has their list of names and there are a thousand rumors swirling around right now, but nothing is for sure yet. I refuse to make any predictions or get my hopes up until I know something for sure.

It was quite funny, though. Yesterday one of the local radio stations decided that they had had enough of the rumors floating around so they were going to start their own. They let all their listeners in on the joke before they started a big story about how Pat Riley was going to come and coach here before he retired. They asked all their listeners to spread the story, simply saying "I heard on the radio...." In less than two hours, the rumor had spread all the way to Canada where it was picked up by a local news station. They were, of course, found out eventually, but still. The distance that the rumor traveled in just a very short amount of time was quite astonishing. It just goes to show you that this is big news.

Fourth.....I'm sure there was a fourth thing, but I have no idea what it was anymore. Maybe it was a knitting thing, I did finish another hat. This time it was the Odessa hat from the free pattern at Magknits. Mine looks pretty much like the picture, although the yarn I chose is a little more blue and a little less purple. turned out well for my first foray into beading. I will have to say, though, that I had some troubles in the beginning. It took forever to thread the beads onto the yarn since I couldn't find a needle with a big enough eye to get the yarn through that would also pass through the beads. I ended up having to string them without a needle, and that was a nightmare, let me tell you. It took about three hours to get all the beads I needed on there (actually I ended up with more than I needed, but you better believe that they aren't ever coming off). Then, I started the pattern at least three times but I kept messing up and having to frog and start again. The first time I got through all the ribbing but forgot to switch to my larger needles when I started the pattern. The second time, I did the ribbing with the larger needles instead of the smaller ones like I was supposed to. The third time I managed to get all the needles right, but messed up on the pattern after about four rows, so I had to start again. Finally, I was smart and put markers after each repeat along the row (ten markers, one after every eleven stitches). That helped me keep up with where I was in my row and I didn't have nearly as much trouble after that. (This is why I can't knit patterns and watch TV at the same time.) Still, I'm pleased with the way the hat turned out. It fits. It's pretty. And I will never make it again, so it's a one-of-a-kind. What more can you want?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Amazing Airport Debacle

Yes, I know it's Tuesday, not Monday and so I really should have talked about this week's Amazing Race yesterday, but oh get it one day later.

This week's episode was titled We are Going to Trade you for Food Now which was just one of several jokes made by [my favorites] Ozzy & Danny that Mirna didn't get at all. I swear, for a lawyer, she isn't very with it sometimes.

We start where we left off last week in Mozambique and the first clue tells our teams to "Go directly to the airport, do not pass go, do not collect $200 dollars (but here's your money)." The teams have to fly to Tanzania (which turns out to be the most challenging part of this leg of the race). Mirna & Charla leave first this week and have decided they are "Too Hot to Handle" (really, they had matching shirts with that on it--yeah, I know). The BQ's leave next ahead of Teri & Ian in their funky awful hats which they wore through the entire leg (special people, those) as they implemented their strategy of Stop, Look, & Listen (a close cousin to Stop, Drop & Roll).

Ugly Hats

Ozzy & Danny decided they might have careers as hand models after the race is over and if that doesn't pan out, Ozzy can sub for Tim Gunn on Project Runway since he did a wonderful Tim Gunn impression in the cab on the way to the airport when he found out their diver's name was Andre (either that, or he did a great impression of Santino doing a Tim Gunn impression). That was, hands down, one of the best moments ever (right next to Ozzy & Danny chasing Phil at the Pitstop last week).

Danielle (of the boobs) informs us that she is not letting Eric take charge and make all the decisions because they are team and teams don't work that way. My response: Really? Because so far your purpose on this race is limited to carrying an extra bag and giving Eric something to talk about. But good for you if you are finally going to do something.

Charla/Mirna make it to the airport first thanks, I'm sure, to their wonderful accents as they were directing their cabbie to the airport. I don't get how they can have almost no accent when they are talking to normal people but if they are talking to someone who's first language isn't English, they have the most bizarre accents. They accents may have gotten them to the airport first, but it didn't do them much good since it was the middle of the night and everyone had to wait until morning before they could do anything. You gotta love that beginning of the leg bunching (although this would be the last bit of bunching on this leg).

Once everyone is collected at the airport, we spend the next 20 minutes watching the teams jockey for seats. Charla/Mirna manage to find an early flight to Johannesburg that will connect to Tanzania (although they will have to be on standby for the connecting flight). Everyone else is left sitting at the airport waiting on seats to open up on the only direct flight. None do, so we have more scrabbling. Now, everyone wants to fly to Jo'burg, but we have to wait for the ticket counter to open--or do we? The Guidos and Teri/Ian decide to wait in line, but everyone else goes up to the airline office and gets the agent there to book the tickets to Johannesburg as well as put them on the standby list for the connecting flight. Everyone gets tickets to Jo'burg, but only the first three teams (BQ's, Uchenna/Joyce, Ozzy/Danny) make the connecting flight. The Boobs got on the plane, but then got pulled off because they had been given someone else's tickets, so they were left in Jo'burg with the Guidos and Teri/Ian. Eric was calm and managed to get their names on a Priority Standby list for the next flight out (the next morning) while Danielle helped out by crying hysterically (way to take charge, babe). In the end, only the Boobs get on the early flight out of Jo'burg while the other two teams have to wait another couple of hours.

Now that all the teams are finally out of airports, not much else went on. We sailed on some boats (where Charla lost her breakfast). The Detour was pretty lame (Solve it or Schlep it) and most teams picked solving the fish puzzle. The Roadblock was kind of cool--the best part being Phil's description with his trademark eyebrow lift--where Uchenna got to "jump with the Maasai". Charla/Mirna came in first (although I'm not sure either of them appreciated their prize--a Catamaran--since they didn't seem to have any idea what that was until Phil explained it to them), Ozzy/Danny second, Uchenna/Joyce third (even after their 30min penalty), the BQ's fourth, the Boob's Fifth, Guidos sixth, and Teri/Ian came in last and were Philiminated.

What we learned this week: Always take the first flight to Jo'burg you can get. Charla gets seasick. Ozzy & Danny may not be a help in an avalanche, but they do know some first aid "beauty tips." Stupid looking hats won't help you get on a plane.

Best line of the week: Ozzy's Impression of Tim Gunn "Andre, where are you Andre."

Supernatural shout out?: Charla/Mirna were helped onto their connecting flight in Jo'burg by a well meaning airport worker they hijacked named, of all things, Christo. I guess there is not way he could be possessed, huh?

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Better Late than Never....a Heart to Heart

So, I meant to post a bit about this week's Supernatural after it aired on Thursday, but I got kind of busy on Friday what with some actually work to do and yet another trip to the optometrist (but not the cute one this time). So, you get this week's Supernatural update today!! What fun.

This week's episode: Heart because it involves a lot of heart-less corpses (in that they have had their hearts removed, but we never really find out what happens to the hearts. Do they get eaten? Frozen? Used in some kind of freaky ceremony? Cast in plaster and turned into art?)

The Monster of the Week: Werewolves. Yup, they finally went there. Now, I'm not all up on my werewolf lore, so I might not have appreciated the finer points of this monster, but it was pretty cool....although while the moon cycle seemed to be important, it didn't have to be a full moon for them to change (unless they managed to have three nights of full moons in a row). They seem to like to kill people and rip out their hearts, which is.....well gross, but no more so than protruding guts, splattered brains, or heads sawed off by large saws. Werewolves also apparently like to have hot sweaty Sammy sex, but that comes later.....

Actually, maybe the sweaty Sammy sex doesn't come later. There wasn't a lot going on in the episode for me. We meet Madison. Madison is being stalked by crazy-ex-boyfriend. Madison's boss is killed, flayed, and left heart-less. Sam and Dean show up to fix this. Sam and Dean play rock, paper, scissors to see who gets to stay with Maidson. Sam wins. Dean follows crazy-ex. Sam watches All my Children. Madison is the Werewolf. Sam ties her up (kinky, huh?) Dean kills the werewolf who bit her. Madison and Sam have sweaty Sammy sex (and let me tell you, Jared Padalecki has been working out!! That boy is ripped! And I'm not even Sammy girl). Maidson is still a werewolf, so she asks Sammy to kill her. Then we have perhaps the most touching scene ever written where nobody says "I Love You" but it's all over every word. Dean takes the gun from Madison (who is trying to give it to Sam) and offers to kill her himself so Sammy doesn't have to. Sam refuses, and both boys end up in tears along with a good portion of the audience.

Not a bad episode--actually the end saved it for me--but it wasn't great either. Still, any new Supernatural is a good one.

Geeky Dean, because Werewolves are cool.

A very intense game of Rock, Paper, Scissors...
Which Sam won.
Sam discovers Soap Operas
Sammy tears.
And one perfect Dean tear.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Bomb Sniffing Rats (And a Bracket Update)

First, my March Madness Update.

I did okay in Round 1 getting 25 out of 32 games correct. Not the greatest ever, but not too badly. I also only missed two games where I had the team going on to the third round, so no long term damage done. Round 2 went much better for me. I picked 13 out of 16 games correctly (and the 3 wrongs includes the 2 games I couldn't get right because I picked them wrong in round 1). The only game I missed that I could have gotten right was Texas. I thought Durant would have been able to get them to at least the Elite Eight. Oh well. My Final Four is still intact, though, so that is good. And I have 7 of my 8 Elite Eight teams still going (Boo Texas).

The best news of the day, though? That Kyle had Wisconsin winning it all and only 6 of his final 8 are still standing. That means that I stand a very good chance to beating him in the brackets this year. And everyone knows that is the entire point of March Madness.

Now, on to the Amazing Race (yes, I watched a lot of CBS yesterday)....

This time, with Rob & Amber gone (heehee)the other teams could finally concentrate or racing rather than on what Ramber was doing right?. Well sort of. We start off with everyone talking about how glad they are that it was Charla & Mirna that got to keep racing rather than Ramber and how much they didn't like Ramber and how much more interesting things were now, without them. Then. Finally. I think we are done with Ramber. Moving on.

The first thing we get to do this week is....dig in the snow while looking for buried avalanche beacons. Interesting, I guess, but let me just say that if I'm every buried in an avalanche, I want Joe & Bill to come looking for me rather than any other team. They were the only ones that seemed to be able to work the beacons. If the Beauty Queens (who can't follow arrows) or Ozzy & Danny come looking for me, just go ahead and start planning the funeral. It might be a while.

Next....stupid travel agents and airport jockeying with the end result that every single team ends up on the exact same flight. Oh well. At least we leave this hemisphere and end up in Africa!! Then there is some totally pointless argument between the Guidos and the Boobs which was totally built up in the promos to be way more than it was (which was nothing). So much for all that excitement.

And finally, we get to the most awesome Roadblock ever!! Really. It involved landmine sniffing trained rats! How cool is that! Although about half the people there thought the rats were gross, so maybe not so cool for them. Joyce, however, thought her rat was just adorable, so props to her. Just another reason I love Joyce and Uchenna. Apparently, rats love them too but not as much as rats love the Guidos. Their rats (Nelson) was some kind of super mine finding machine. Rats don't like Charla & Mirna (see, I always knew those rodents were smart) since their rat was not all that interesting in doing anything. Too bad that even though they left in last place, they made up time on the Detour.

Speaking of the Detour....this time is was a choice between Pamper (paint nails) or Porter (fill bags and haul coal). Now me, I would have chosen the non-lifting heavy bags task, but apparently nail painting is a scary things because everyone except for Charla & Mirna, Kandace & Dustin, and Teri & Ian chose to do the coal task. Ironically, the three teams which picked pamper finished 1, 2, 3 even though they were some of the last teams to finish the Roadblock. That coal is a bitch.

Ozzy & Danny finished 4th with the Guidos right behind them in 5th. That left only the Boobs and Uchenna & Joyce. Except, Uchenna & Joyce couldn't find the right house to deliver the coal to, so they fell behind. The Boobs finished 6th leaving Uchenna & Joyce for last. This made me very sad until Phil said those most magic words...."I'm pleased to tell you that you have not been eliminated from the race." (One of these days he is going to slip up and say Philiminated, but not yet.) Uchenna & Joyce are, however, "Marked for Elimination" so they have to finish 1st on the next leg or wait out a 30min penalty which could get them eliminated. We'll see what happens.

What we learned this week: Rats hate Charla & Mirna. The Guidos would make good search and rescue guys. Ozzy & Danny would not.

Eric's weekly Boob comment: Are you ready for this? There wasn't one. We managed to make it all the way through one episode with no references to Danielle's boobs.

Best Moment of the Day: Ozzy & Danny chasing Phil around at the Pitstop because they wanted to give him a hug even though they were covered in coal dust. Priceless.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Ghosts of March Madness Past

It's finally Friday!!! Yea!!! And my first race (a 3K) is tomorrow morning so wish me luck! I'm actually a little nervous because it's supposed to be pretty cold--but at least it's not supposed to snow anymore. I should be thankful for small blessing, I suppose.

Now.....Bracket Update!!

Yesterday there were 16 games. Of those 16 games, I picked 12 winners. The 4 teams I missed were: Old Dominion, Oral Roberts, Texas Tech, and BYU. Not too bad.

Plus: DUKE Lost!!! It broke their string of 9 straight Sweet 16 appearances. That just makes my week. In fact, Duke going out 1st round might actually be better than seeing Duke lose to IU when they played in the Regional Finals at Rupp. There is noting quite like seeing a team you hate crying in your locker room after they lose in your gym. (Sorry to any Duke fans out there, but I'm still a bit bitter about that shot in '92.)

Now, if only the Cats can win tonight, all will be well.

And, because it is Friday that means last night was Thursday night TV. This week was kind of abbreviated, though, due to several factors. Nashville Star ended last week (with Angela as the winner and Zach as the runner up :) ) so that was done. Ugly Betty was new, but I chose to DVR that and watch the first half of the Duke game instead so I will watch Betty sometime (maybe this weekend). I did watch the new Supernatural (because you all know that I can't go without my weekly SN fix, even for March Madness). It was the first new episode in several weeks, so I was anxious to get some new material. Let me just say Kripke and company didn't disappoint.

Last nights Episode was titled Roadkill and guest starred Tricia Helfer (from Battlestar Galactica apparently, although I have never watched or heard of that show).

We started out with the usually teaser where some poor unsuspecting guest star usually dies or sees someone they know/love die. This week we find Molly riding with her husband David as they drive along a dark country road. They are lost and David refuses to stop and ask for directions (guys, note, this leads to all kinds of problems, so just STOP already--it won't kill you). The radio starts playing House of the Rising Sun (which is a creepy song anyway, but here can't mean anything good). in the road, crash, credits.

I don't want to give too much about this episode away because there are some wonderful twists coming up which I didn't see coming at all and I would hate to spoil that for anyone. But let me say, I really really liked this episode. It was quite creepy at times, very funny at times, and had some really cool twists which they did a very good job of concealing. I liked the Molly chick who ended up hanging out with the boys for most of the episode but didn't take anything away from what we love. The evil ghosty man was very gross and scary, but not over the top. And who doesn't love a good salt and burn? Plus, hanging bones, flashlight-fu, and some slight gun porn. Beautiful!

Best lines of the night:

Dean: "Just once I want to round the corner and see a nice house." (What about that wonderful hotel in Playthings, Dean? That was a very nice--but haunted--house.)

Dean: "You're a walking encyclopedia of weirdness."
Sam: "I know."

Molly: "Oh, thank God."
Dean: "Just call me Dean."

Crazy Girl in front of the car

Why is there a crazy girl in front of the car?
One Handed Gun Porn
Hanging Skeletons....yea!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Can you see the big E?

Yes, I know I've already posted and two posts in one day is some kind of record for me (who sometimes only posts once a week) but I had more to say. And besides, this is my blog (and no one reads it anyways) so Ha!!

Yesterday I got to do one of my favorite things is life....go to the Optometrist! Yea! Fun! You'd think I'd be fine with this by now seeing as how I've been wearing glasses and/or contacts and going to see the eye doctor once a year for more than half my life now, but I still hate it. Why in the world, when they have my prescription sitting right there in front of them do they make me take out my contacts and then ask me to read things? They know I can't see that chart. I know I can't see that chart. Why ask me if I can see the chart? And then, when I say no, ask me if I'm sure I can't even see the big E at the top? If I could see the E, I'd tell you I could see the E. Trust me. I want to be able to see the E. (And who decided that it should be an E at the top of every eye chart ever?) The girl this time went a step farther though. When I couldn't even see the E, she walked over to the mirror where the chart was and then held up some fingers and asked "How Many?" The sad part is, I still didn't answer right. I really am blind as a bat. Oh well.

After the embarrassing eye chart episode, things got better. The place where I go has several doctors practicing there. This year, I saw a one I had never seen before. Unfortunately, I didn't get his name. Last year's doctor was good. He was fine. He was normal. This year, the doctor was tall and blond and very talkative. He talked and talked and talked, but I learned more from him about my eyes than I have in the previous 15 years of visits put together. Apparently blue eyed people (like me) tend to have worse night vision. We also tend to be more sensitive to the sun so we wear sunglasses more. He then went on to explain why some contacts dry out more than others. And what kind of contacts he thought I should wear. And why. And what we would do if these didn't work for me. And the truth is, I could have sat there and listened to him talk to me all day because I maybe was just a tiny bit attracted to this guy (and he was without a wedding ring--not that I was looking). It was a bit weird. But in a good way, I guess. So once he was finished talking, he loaded me up with free contact solution and sent me on my way. And maybe (just maybe) I'm a tiny bit sorry that it will be a year before I have to go back.

March Madness

So tomorrow is the official start of March Madness which rivals Christmas as my favorite time of the year. I know non-sports people hate this time of year, but I love it!!! And the best part of March Madness? (besides the office pool) The first two days when you can literally watch college basketball All. Day. Long. from mid morning until after midnight. Gotta love it!

I filled out my bracket today and now my fingers are crossed that I picked the right ones. I won the family bracket pool one year (about four years ago) but since then, I haven't done so well. My sister won most of the pools last year (by being the only person in the world to pick George Mason to get to the Final Four) but I chalk that up to luck more than anything. After all, who knew that George Mason would go that far?

I don't know who this year's George Mason will be, but I can't wait to find out. I don't think my Cats will be going too far, but there is always hope. I'm also rooting for Texas A&M since one of the guys I work with is a big fan and I need a team that has half a chance to win some games to cheer for. (They also get to play in Lexington which I'm sure has Matt excited.) We'll have to see how things go. The games tip off early tomorrow!!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Amazing Monday

Ah, another Monday. Today everyone is gone to "Neuroscience Day" so I'm here all alone (and loving it!!) Now, how about an Amazing Race Update?

This week's episode was titled: No Babies on the Race. I second that. Please, no babies on the race. The race is not the time nor the place to be making/having babies. Moving on...

This week we started off with Rob and Amber talking about how they have done so well up to this point and how they are peaking, Mirna talking about how she has to do more than any other person on the race EVER! because Charla is a little person. Eric talking about Danielle's Boobs.

Then we have yet another leg in South America. We stayed in Chile for awhile then moved on to Argentina (or Australia according to Danielle--I can see how you might get those two confused since they both start with A and all). Going to the end of the world is cool and all, but really, let's move out of this hemisphere now.

The Detour was a choice between building a sign post that chronicled Magellan's voyage or using a compass to navigate due South to a building. Uchenna & Joyce were the only team to do the sign and get it right. Rob & Amber tried, but couldn't spell Philippines (Philippeans) right and then spent A LOT of time rearranging their signs rather than checking their spelling. Dustin & Kandace started with the signs, but couldn't figure out that it didn't matter what direction the arrows pointed in as long as you had them in the right order (and spelled correctly) so they jumped ship with Rob & Amber. Charla & Mirna tried, but had some issues getting the materials to where they needed to be. Charla tried hard, but she just couldn't carry things fast enough for her shrieking cousin who did nothing but yell at her until they decided to switch tasks.

The Navigation task was pretty simple (as long as you read the directions). You went to such-and-such plaza, found the sailor, got a compass, and walked due south to the Nautilus Building. Apparently reading a compass is too hard for some teams (Rob) who got confused between North and South. Oh well. At the end of the Detour, we have our mandatory bunching. The teams had to sign up for one of two (only two? what happened to our normal three?) charter flights that leave three hours apart and land in Argentina (Australia). Bunching and Separation all at once? Who'd 've thunk it?

We land and Teri/Ian pull a Fran/Barry where they walk right by the race flag several times before they finally see the darn thing. I think they make them Red/Yellow for a reason guys. We find the clue and get to.....ride in boats! to the end of the world! But only two teams to a boat and they leave 20 minutes apart. Ozzy & Danny and Eric & Danielle are in the first boat. Teri & Ian are in the second boat (alone).

RoadBlock: Search through this massive pile of letters to find one of two letters addressed to your team (from a team from your first race). Then run to the pit stop to find Phil. Ozzy hits first with a letter from Blake/Paige. (And can I just say, it's about time these guys won a leg. They are just too much fun!) Eric is second and their letter is from the former partners whose names I can't remember. Teri & Ian come in third (letter from Flo/Zach).

Back at the airport, Rob steals a taxi from Charla/Mirna. More yelling. Then Amber lies about where they found the clue and lies about lying while they wait on the boat. More yelling. Guidos and the Beauty Queens get on a boat. Waiting. Uchenna/Joyce & Rob/Amber get on a boat. Waiting. Complaining. Charla/Mirna get on their boat.

More letter sorting. Joe/Bill come in fourth (letter from Frank) with a little man on man action at the mat (go CBS). Dustin/Kandace get fifth with a letter from Lyn, but no Karlyn. (She is apparently still hating them.) Uchenna/Joyce get sixth and a lovely letter from Susan/Patrick. Up until this point all the letters are very positive (or at least funny) but things, they are a changin'.

Rob goes for the letters, but he can't find the one he is looking for. Mirna joins him. Mirna prays to her dead Grandmother to help her win. Mirna finds her letter (God might have been in the bathtub, but Grandma wasn't) from Marshall/Lance (who I think are the only team to not make it to a pit stop to be eliminated) and it's not nice. Oh well, they finish seventh with a little help from Uchenna who hauls Charla up onto the mat. Along the way Mirna yells more.

Rob finds his letter (from Susan/Patrick). It's not all warm fuzzy either. Then, joy of joys, Rob and Amber finish last and are Eliminated!! No Non-Elimination leg. No more Rob/Amber. What a wonderful day (even if the Cats did end up as an 8 seed).

What we learned this week: Rob can't spell (or use a compass). Mirna yells (A LOT). Eric is still obsessed with Danielle's Boobs. Uchenna and Joyce hate people who lie.

The weekly Eric Boob comment: "She's just like a man, but with boobs."

Best line of the day: Ozzy & Danny: "Phil, will you go with us?" Phil: "That would be another reality show entirely."

To update, so far we have:

My new favorite (s) to win:

Still around:

Get off my TV now, please:

Note: I am renaming Eric/Danielle the Boobs since Eric seems to see Danielle as nothing but two boobs and he is one. From here on out, that is how they shall be called. Maybe they should change their team picture?

Monday, March 5, 2007

Just another Manic Monday

Actually, not much about this Monday is Manic. I actually have a bit of a break this week, but you won't hear me complaining.

Being that yesterday was about an Amazing Race All Stars Update? I don't remember if I've mentioned that the Amazing Race is back on, but it is. This time around it's an "All Star" edition which, to me mean that they take the best of the best teams and race them against each other (maybe the winners from the previous seasons or the second place teams). To the producers of the Amazing Race, however, this means they take a random selection of teams from other seasons. Here are this year's racers:

Kevin & Drew (Season 1) "The Frats"
I didn't start watching the Amazing Race until Season 5 or so, so I don't know anything about these guys. They seemed okay, but nothing special. They were knows as the frats, but I guess that's what they were on Season 1. This time around they were just "friends". Drew had all kinds of medical issues before they got "Phil-liminated" on Episode 2.

Ozwald & Danny (Season 2) dubbed the "Cha Chas"
I don't remember these guys from their Season either, but they are a ton of fun. They are both Cuban immigrants from Miami and very fun and friendly but good racers too. Both are gay (I'm pretty sure anyway) but they are not dating or life partners or anything. They are just best friends. One of them (I still have trouble remembering which is which) gave us the best line of the season so far when he commented in the first episode "I told you, less Martinis, more Cardio." My response: Yes, but martinis are much more fun.

John Vito & Jill (Season 3)
Again, a team that was before my time. They were "dating" in the first go round and are now "formerly dating" so I guess that is sad (maybe). I think their hook was supposed to be that they would get back together during the race, but alas, it was not to be. They got the boot on Episode 1. At least they get to spend some time together in a really sweet villa in Ecuador. That's probably a much better place to find love anyway.

Uchenna & Joyce (Season 7)
Now I do remember Uchenna and Joyce. They are one of my all time favorite teams and the only returning team to have won their race. Back then they seemed like such nice people and they still do. They were my pick to win on Season 7 (the only time other than the shall-not-be-spoken-of Family edition that that has happened) and I was glad to see them back. Who can forget Joyce in tears as they shaved her head to win the fast forward? I hope they do as well this time around. We need more nice people to win.

David & Mary (Season 10) "Kentucky"
Alright. I know that I should like these guys. I liked them the first time around. They are from good old KY. David wears something UK in every episode. But this time around, they just got on my nerves. I wanted to like them, but really they weren't that great of racers the first go round and I thought it was kind of funny that they got asked back. They seem like good people, though, so I'm glad they got the chance (twice) to race around the world. Unfortunately (maybe), they were the team to say Bye last night.

Charla & Mirna (Season 5) "Mirna & Schmirna"

For the record, I didn't give them that nickname. It came from someone on their first race. want to cheer for this team, but they just don't make it easy. Both of the grate on my nerves and I wasn't sorry to see them go out early on their first race. I won't be sorry if they go out early this time too although last night Mirna did make the wonderful comment (to a local who was helping them out) "I'm in a bathing suit. It's weird. I know."

Rob & Amber (Season 7) "Ramber"
(because apparently they are a Hollywood power couple)
This has got the be the most over exposed couple on TV. I can't stand these guys....well, Rob really, Amber has no personality that I can see. She just does what Rob tells her to (he spends an inordinate amount of time shouting instructions to "Babe"). They were annoying on Race 7 and they are annoying now. One of the other racers commented in an early episode this go round that they should have their own cable channel that just shows the reality shows they have been on. The sad thing is, you could probably make a channel like that pretty easily. They were the final two on a season of Survivor (that I didn't watch) where they hooked up and got engaged on the finale. Then they did Amazing Race 7 and changed the face of the game with their "Survivor-esq" strategy (although I have to admit that convincing everyone else that they couldn't do the Roadblock and to just take the 4 hour penalty was a brilliant move). Next, their wedding was televised. And I'm sure there was some other stuff in there somewhere that I didn't watch and don't know about. Now we get to see them run around the world one more time. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! Unfortunately, they are great racers and have come in first on every leg so far, so I think they are hear to stay for awhile.

Teri & Ian (Season 3)
This is another team that I have no previous knowledge of. Still, they seem like they could be fun. Ian (or Eye-an as Teri calls him) is a former Cop and they seem to be strong racers that don't create a lot of waves good or bad. They do seem to think that everyone will underestimate them because they are "old". I guess maybe they are but I don't think they look that old. Maybe I'm just weird that way. I wouldn't mind getting to see more of them but I also wouldn't be too sad to see them go. Also, I have no idea why they seem to be dancing in their photo.

Eric & Danielle (Season 9)
This team is the team that makes the least sense to me. They weren't originally a team at all. They came from two different teams on Season 9 (neither of which I remember) and apparently they had a "thing" so they decided to bring back two people from teams that weren't all the memorable the first go round (I wouldn't have had a clue who Eric was if they didn't feel the need to show me his nipple rings again--yes he has both nipples pierced) to run again. So far, he seems to be running the race on his own, just bringing her along to carry more baggage I guess? Who knows. They did better this week, but mostly because they got lucky with their flight.

Joe & Bill (Season 1) "The Guidos"
First things first, I don't have a clue who these guys are, but I wish I did. Apparently they are "life partners" who became the ultimate Amazing Race villains (which compared to villians in the rest of the reality TV world, aren't so bad, but still...). Their nickname comes from their dog, I guess, and they have it embroidered on the vests they are wearing in the photo (and every episode). So far, they seem to have mellowed some for this go round, but I have a feeling that things could get ugly fast. Also, one of them....Bill I think (this is another team that I have a hard time keeping track of who is who) always looks like he's wearing too much eyeliner. Lay off the make up for the race boys.

Dustin & Kandice (Season 10) "Beauty Queens"
These girls are from the most recent Season of Amazing Race (along with David and Mary) and they drove me crazy then. One is a former Miss New York and the other is a former Miss California (I think). They used that fact, and the fact that they are beautiful shamelessly on their last race, but seem to have figured out that it didn't really get them anywhere, so they dropped it this go round. They were the highest finishing All Female team on the Amazing Race, to I guess they do actually qualify as "All Stars" but I'm still not sure how I feel about them coming back again so soon. At least they admit to having "blond moments".

So, in summary here is my break down of teams that I like, don't like, or just don't care (yet):
  • Like: Uchenna & Joyce, Ozzy & Danny, Teri & Ian
  • Dislike: Rob & Amber, Eric & Danielle, Charla & Mirna
  • Don't Care: Dustin & Kandace, Guidos
  • Eliminated: John Vito & Jill, Kevin & Drew, David & Mary
And my predictions:
  • Final Three: Rob & Amber, Uchenna & Joyce, Ozzy & Danny
  • Next three: Guidos, Dustin & Kandace, Teri & Ian
  • Next to go: Charla & Mirna (we can only hope)

Friday, March 2, 2007

UK Senior Day

It was Senior Day Wednesday night at Rupp and somehow, someway the team managed to get a win. That was nice. A fitting way to send off our seniors. Still, while the senior day festivities were fun, I didn't really feel the emotion that has been there at so many other senior nights.

I suppose it's a mark of a great player that his senior night two years ago can still overshadow the current senior night. That even while I'm watching the current seniors get their flowers and framed jerseys, I can't help but think about Chuck Hayes--the California boy that we so thoroughly converted to a Kentucky boy that he cried at My Old Kentucky Home. The lasting image from that senior night was not the pre-game festivities, but the post-game ones. The team stayed out on the floor for the final playing of our state song and, while Hayes was perfectly composed during the pre-game playing, the tears flowed during the post-game song. There is nothing quite as moving as seeing this big, athletic basketball player who had no ties to the bluegrass before he came her standing bawling with his team and the cheerleaders as the band plays the most beloved song in Kentucky. You just can't beat that. Chuck Hayes, where oh where did you go?