Monday, March 19, 2007

Bomb Sniffing Rats (And a Bracket Update)

First, my March Madness Update.

I did okay in Round 1 getting 25 out of 32 games correct. Not the greatest ever, but not too badly. I also only missed two games where I had the team going on to the third round, so no long term damage done. Round 2 went much better for me. I picked 13 out of 16 games correctly (and the 3 wrongs includes the 2 games I couldn't get right because I picked them wrong in round 1). The only game I missed that I could have gotten right was Texas. I thought Durant would have been able to get them to at least the Elite Eight. Oh well. My Final Four is still intact, though, so that is good. And I have 7 of my 8 Elite Eight teams still going (Boo Texas).

The best news of the day, though? That Kyle had Wisconsin winning it all and only 6 of his final 8 are still standing. That means that I stand a very good chance to beating him in the brackets this year. And everyone knows that is the entire point of March Madness.

Now, on to the Amazing Race (yes, I watched a lot of CBS yesterday)....

This time, with Rob & Amber gone (heehee)the other teams could finally concentrate or racing rather than on what Ramber was doing right?. Well sort of. We start off with everyone talking about how glad they are that it was Charla & Mirna that got to keep racing rather than Ramber and how much they didn't like Ramber and how much more interesting things were now, without them. Then. Finally. I think we are done with Ramber. Moving on.

The first thing we get to do this week is....dig in the snow while looking for buried avalanche beacons. Interesting, I guess, but let me just say that if I'm every buried in an avalanche, I want Joe & Bill to come looking for me rather than any other team. They were the only ones that seemed to be able to work the beacons. If the Beauty Queens (who can't follow arrows) or Ozzy & Danny come looking for me, just go ahead and start planning the funeral. It might be a while.

Next....stupid travel agents and airport jockeying with the end result that every single team ends up on the exact same flight. Oh well. At least we leave this hemisphere and end up in Africa!! Then there is some totally pointless argument between the Guidos and the Boobs which was totally built up in the promos to be way more than it was (which was nothing). So much for all that excitement.

And finally, we get to the most awesome Roadblock ever!! Really. It involved landmine sniffing trained rats! How cool is that! Although about half the people there thought the rats were gross, so maybe not so cool for them. Joyce, however, thought her rat was just adorable, so props to her. Just another reason I love Joyce and Uchenna. Apparently, rats love them too but not as much as rats love the Guidos. Their rats (Nelson) was some kind of super mine finding machine. Rats don't like Charla & Mirna (see, I always knew those rodents were smart) since their rat was not all that interesting in doing anything. Too bad that even though they left in last place, they made up time on the Detour.

Speaking of the Detour....this time is was a choice between Pamper (paint nails) or Porter (fill bags and haul coal). Now me, I would have chosen the non-lifting heavy bags task, but apparently nail painting is a scary things because everyone except for Charla & Mirna, Kandace & Dustin, and Teri & Ian chose to do the coal task. Ironically, the three teams which picked pamper finished 1, 2, 3 even though they were some of the last teams to finish the Roadblock. That coal is a bitch.

Ozzy & Danny finished 4th with the Guidos right behind them in 5th. That left only the Boobs and Uchenna & Joyce. Except, Uchenna & Joyce couldn't find the right house to deliver the coal to, so they fell behind. The Boobs finished 6th leaving Uchenna & Joyce for last. This made me very sad until Phil said those most magic words...."I'm pleased to tell you that you have not been eliminated from the race." (One of these days he is going to slip up and say Philiminated, but not yet.) Uchenna & Joyce are, however, "Marked for Elimination" so they have to finish 1st on the next leg or wait out a 30min penalty which could get them eliminated. We'll see what happens.

What we learned this week: Rats hate Charla & Mirna. The Guidos would make good search and rescue guys. Ozzy & Danny would not.

Eric's weekly Boob comment: Are you ready for this? There wasn't one. We managed to make it all the way through one episode with no references to Danielle's boobs.

Best Moment of the Day: Ozzy & Danny chasing Phil around at the Pitstop because they wanted to give him a hug even though they were covered in coal dust. Priceless.

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