Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Can you see the big E?

Yes, I know I've already posted and two posts in one day is some kind of record for me (who sometimes only posts once a week) but I had more to say. And besides, this is my blog (and no one reads it anyways) so Ha!!

Yesterday I got to do one of my favorite things is life....go to the Optometrist! Yea! Fun! You'd think I'd be fine with this by now seeing as how I've been wearing glasses and/or contacts and going to see the eye doctor once a year for more than half my life now, but I still hate it. Why in the world, when they have my prescription sitting right there in front of them do they make me take out my contacts and then ask me to read things? They know I can't see that chart. I know I can't see that chart. Why ask me if I can see the chart? And then, when I say no, ask me if I'm sure I can't even see the big E at the top? If I could see the E, I'd tell you I could see the E. Trust me. I want to be able to see the E. (And who decided that it should be an E at the top of every eye chart ever?) The girl this time went a step farther though. When I couldn't even see the E, she walked over to the mirror where the chart was and then held up some fingers and asked "How Many?" The sad part is, I still didn't answer right. I really am blind as a bat. Oh well.

After the embarrassing eye chart episode, things got better. The place where I go has several doctors practicing there. This year, I saw a one I had never seen before. Unfortunately, I didn't get his name. Last year's doctor was good. He was fine. He was normal. This year, the doctor was tall and blond and very talkative. He talked and talked and talked, but I learned more from him about my eyes than I have in the previous 15 years of visits put together. Apparently blue eyed people (like me) tend to have worse night vision. We also tend to be more sensitive to the sun so we wear sunglasses more. He then went on to explain why some contacts dry out more than others. And what kind of contacts he thought I should wear. And why. And what we would do if these didn't work for me. And the truth is, I could have sat there and listened to him talk to me all day because I maybe was just a tiny bit attracted to this guy (and he was without a wedding ring--not that I was looking). It was a bit weird. But in a good way, I guess. So once he was finished talking, he loaded me up with free contact solution and sent me on my way. And maybe (just maybe) I'm a tiny bit sorry that it will be a year before I have to go back.

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