Monday, March 12, 2007

Amazing Monday

Ah, another Monday. Today everyone is gone to "Neuroscience Day" so I'm here all alone (and loving it!!) Now, how about an Amazing Race Update?

This week's episode was titled: No Babies on the Race. I second that. Please, no babies on the race. The race is not the time nor the place to be making/having babies. Moving on...

This week we started off with Rob and Amber talking about how they have done so well up to this point and how they are peaking, Mirna talking about how she has to do more than any other person on the race EVER! because Charla is a little person. Eric talking about Danielle's Boobs.

Then we have yet another leg in South America. We stayed in Chile for awhile then moved on to Argentina (or Australia according to Danielle--I can see how you might get those two confused since they both start with A and all). Going to the end of the world is cool and all, but really, let's move out of this hemisphere now.

The Detour was a choice between building a sign post that chronicled Magellan's voyage or using a compass to navigate due South to a building. Uchenna & Joyce were the only team to do the sign and get it right. Rob & Amber tried, but couldn't spell Philippines (Philippeans) right and then spent A LOT of time rearranging their signs rather than checking their spelling. Dustin & Kandace started with the signs, but couldn't figure out that it didn't matter what direction the arrows pointed in as long as you had them in the right order (and spelled correctly) so they jumped ship with Rob & Amber. Charla & Mirna tried, but had some issues getting the materials to where they needed to be. Charla tried hard, but she just couldn't carry things fast enough for her shrieking cousin who did nothing but yell at her until they decided to switch tasks.

The Navigation task was pretty simple (as long as you read the directions). You went to such-and-such plaza, found the sailor, got a compass, and walked due south to the Nautilus Building. Apparently reading a compass is too hard for some teams (Rob) who got confused between North and South. Oh well. At the end of the Detour, we have our mandatory bunching. The teams had to sign up for one of two (only two? what happened to our normal three?) charter flights that leave three hours apart and land in Argentina (Australia). Bunching and Separation all at once? Who'd 've thunk it?

We land and Teri/Ian pull a Fran/Barry where they walk right by the race flag several times before they finally see the darn thing. I think they make them Red/Yellow for a reason guys. We find the clue and get to.....ride in boats! to the end of the world! But only two teams to a boat and they leave 20 minutes apart. Ozzy & Danny and Eric & Danielle are in the first boat. Teri & Ian are in the second boat (alone).

RoadBlock: Search through this massive pile of letters to find one of two letters addressed to your team (from a team from your first race). Then run to the pit stop to find Phil. Ozzy hits first with a letter from Blake/Paige. (And can I just say, it's about time these guys won a leg. They are just too much fun!) Eric is second and their letter is from the former partners whose names I can't remember. Teri & Ian come in third (letter from Flo/Zach).

Back at the airport, Rob steals a taxi from Charla/Mirna. More yelling. Then Amber lies about where they found the clue and lies about lying while they wait on the boat. More yelling. Guidos and the Beauty Queens get on a boat. Waiting. Uchenna/Joyce & Rob/Amber get on a boat. Waiting. Complaining. Charla/Mirna get on their boat.

More letter sorting. Joe/Bill come in fourth (letter from Frank) with a little man on man action at the mat (go CBS). Dustin/Kandace get fifth with a letter from Lyn, but no Karlyn. (She is apparently still hating them.) Uchenna/Joyce get sixth and a lovely letter from Susan/Patrick. Up until this point all the letters are very positive (or at least funny) but things, they are a changin'.

Rob goes for the letters, but he can't find the one he is looking for. Mirna joins him. Mirna prays to her dead Grandmother to help her win. Mirna finds her letter (God might have been in the bathtub, but Grandma wasn't) from Marshall/Lance (who I think are the only team to not make it to a pit stop to be eliminated) and it's not nice. Oh well, they finish seventh with a little help from Uchenna who hauls Charla up onto the mat. Along the way Mirna yells more.

Rob finds his letter (from Susan/Patrick). It's not all warm fuzzy either. Then, joy of joys, Rob and Amber finish last and are Eliminated!! No Non-Elimination leg. No more Rob/Amber. What a wonderful day (even if the Cats did end up as an 8 seed).

What we learned this week: Rob can't spell (or use a compass). Mirna yells (A LOT). Eric is still obsessed with Danielle's Boobs. Uchenna and Joyce hate people who lie.

The weekly Eric Boob comment: "She's just like a man, but with boobs."

Best line of the day: Ozzy & Danny: "Phil, will you go with us?" Phil: "That would be another reality show entirely."

To update, so far we have:

My new favorite (s) to win:

Still around:

Get off my TV now, please:

Note: I am renaming Eric/Danielle the Boobs since Eric seems to see Danielle as nothing but two boobs and he is one. From here on out, that is how they shall be called. Maybe they should change their team picture?

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