Sunday, March 25, 2007

Better Late than Never....a Heart to Heart

So, I meant to post a bit about this week's Supernatural after it aired on Thursday, but I got kind of busy on Friday what with some actually work to do and yet another trip to the optometrist (but not the cute one this time). So, you get this week's Supernatural update today!! What fun.

This week's episode: Heart because it involves a lot of heart-less corpses (in that they have had their hearts removed, but we never really find out what happens to the hearts. Do they get eaten? Frozen? Used in some kind of freaky ceremony? Cast in plaster and turned into art?)

The Monster of the Week: Werewolves. Yup, they finally went there. Now, I'm not all up on my werewolf lore, so I might not have appreciated the finer points of this monster, but it was pretty cool....although while the moon cycle seemed to be important, it didn't have to be a full moon for them to change (unless they managed to have three nights of full moons in a row). They seem to like to kill people and rip out their hearts, which is.....well gross, but no more so than protruding guts, splattered brains, or heads sawed off by large saws. Werewolves also apparently like to have hot sweaty Sammy sex, but that comes later.....

Actually, maybe the sweaty Sammy sex doesn't come later. There wasn't a lot going on in the episode for me. We meet Madison. Madison is being stalked by crazy-ex-boyfriend. Madison's boss is killed, flayed, and left heart-less. Sam and Dean show up to fix this. Sam and Dean play rock, paper, scissors to see who gets to stay with Maidson. Sam wins. Dean follows crazy-ex. Sam watches All my Children. Madison is the Werewolf. Sam ties her up (kinky, huh?) Dean kills the werewolf who bit her. Madison and Sam have sweaty Sammy sex (and let me tell you, Jared Padalecki has been working out!! That boy is ripped! And I'm not even Sammy girl). Maidson is still a werewolf, so she asks Sammy to kill her. Then we have perhaps the most touching scene ever written where nobody says "I Love You" but it's all over every word. Dean takes the gun from Madison (who is trying to give it to Sam) and offers to kill her himself so Sammy doesn't have to. Sam refuses, and both boys end up in tears along with a good portion of the audience.

Not a bad episode--actually the end saved it for me--but it wasn't great either. Still, any new Supernatural is a good one.

Geeky Dean, because Werewolves are cool.

A very intense game of Rock, Paper, Scissors...
Which Sam won.
Sam discovers Soap Operas
Sammy tears.
And one perfect Dean tear.

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