Friday, March 16, 2007

Ghosts of March Madness Past

It's finally Friday!!! Yea!!! And my first race (a 3K) is tomorrow morning so wish me luck! I'm actually a little nervous because it's supposed to be pretty cold--but at least it's not supposed to snow anymore. I should be thankful for small blessing, I suppose.

Now.....Bracket Update!!

Yesterday there were 16 games. Of those 16 games, I picked 12 winners. The 4 teams I missed were: Old Dominion, Oral Roberts, Texas Tech, and BYU. Not too bad.

Plus: DUKE Lost!!! It broke their string of 9 straight Sweet 16 appearances. That just makes my week. In fact, Duke going out 1st round might actually be better than seeing Duke lose to IU when they played in the Regional Finals at Rupp. There is noting quite like seeing a team you hate crying in your locker room after they lose in your gym. (Sorry to any Duke fans out there, but I'm still a bit bitter about that shot in '92.)

Now, if only the Cats can win tonight, all will be well.

And, because it is Friday that means last night was Thursday night TV. This week was kind of abbreviated, though, due to several factors. Nashville Star ended last week (with Angela as the winner and Zach as the runner up :) ) so that was done. Ugly Betty was new, but I chose to DVR that and watch the first half of the Duke game instead so I will watch Betty sometime (maybe this weekend). I did watch the new Supernatural (because you all know that I can't go without my weekly SN fix, even for March Madness). It was the first new episode in several weeks, so I was anxious to get some new material. Let me just say Kripke and company didn't disappoint.

Last nights Episode was titled Roadkill and guest starred Tricia Helfer (from Battlestar Galactica apparently, although I have never watched or heard of that show).

We started out with the usually teaser where some poor unsuspecting guest star usually dies or sees someone they know/love die. This week we find Molly riding with her husband David as they drive along a dark country road. They are lost and David refuses to stop and ask for directions (guys, note, this leads to all kinds of problems, so just STOP already--it won't kill you). The radio starts playing House of the Rising Sun (which is a creepy song anyway, but here can't mean anything good). in the road, crash, credits.

I don't want to give too much about this episode away because there are some wonderful twists coming up which I didn't see coming at all and I would hate to spoil that for anyone. But let me say, I really really liked this episode. It was quite creepy at times, very funny at times, and had some really cool twists which they did a very good job of concealing. I liked the Molly chick who ended up hanging out with the boys for most of the episode but didn't take anything away from what we love. The evil ghosty man was very gross and scary, but not over the top. And who doesn't love a good salt and burn? Plus, hanging bones, flashlight-fu, and some slight gun porn. Beautiful!

Best lines of the night:

Dean: "Just once I want to round the corner and see a nice house." (What about that wonderful hotel in Playthings, Dean? That was a very nice--but haunted--house.)

Dean: "You're a walking encyclopedia of weirdness."
Sam: "I know."

Molly: "Oh, thank God."
Dean: "Just call me Dean."

Crazy Girl in front of the car

Why is there a crazy girl in front of the car?
One Handed Gun Porn
Hanging Skeletons....yea!

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