Thursday, March 29, 2007

It's Thursday (which means tomorrow is Friday)

So really, I don't know why I continue to write on this thing since it is becoming more and more clear that not a single soul reads it except for me (and Jenny once). Still, I feel the need to record somethings forever and ever (or as long as the Internet shall last) so I come back and write more. (And if there is someone out there that does read this, please leave a comment so I know you were here. It gets lonely out here in blog land sometimes.)

What I realized today was that for the last few weeks all I've been talking about are my favorite TV shows and nothing else, so I decided that today I needed to talk about something else. And, what that really means is that today is going to be one of those random days where I exhibit my ADD and talk about all sorts of things. bracket is limping along towards the finals. After my strong first weekend, I got slaughtered last weekend. In round three I only picked 4 of 8 games correctly and in round four I managed to get 2 of 4 right. That leaves me with two teams in the final 4, both of whom I have playing in the finals. As much as I hate to do it, I may have to cheer for Florida to win it all if I want to have any shot at winning my bracket pool.

Second....I finally (and I mean finally) finished the Harry Potter-Esq scarf. It is done. Bound off, blocked, and fringed. Now, if only I can find someone to love it because after 6 months of looking at the stupid thing, I have no desire to wear it ever. It did turn out pretty, though, so maybe if I just put it away for the summer I will feel better about it next winter. It should be nice and warm since it's double thick and about 7 feet long. Maybe I can find someone up in Minnesota to love it. (A parting gift for Tubby perhaps.)

Which brings me to random rambling number three......just in case you haven't heard (read: have been living under a rock without TV, radio, or newspapers) Tubby has left our darling Lexington for the much colder and snowier University of Minnesota. Apparently he didn't feel wanted here anymore so he went to somewhere where he was wanted. Who knows what really went on. I guess we'll find out when he writes his tell all book. The big news now is who the new coach is going to be. Everyone has their list of names and there are a thousand rumors swirling around right now, but nothing is for sure yet. I refuse to make any predictions or get my hopes up until I know something for sure.

It was quite funny, though. Yesterday one of the local radio stations decided that they had had enough of the rumors floating around so they were going to start their own. They let all their listeners in on the joke before they started a big story about how Pat Riley was going to come and coach here before he retired. They asked all their listeners to spread the story, simply saying "I heard on the radio...." In less than two hours, the rumor had spread all the way to Canada where it was picked up by a local news station. They were, of course, found out eventually, but still. The distance that the rumor traveled in just a very short amount of time was quite astonishing. It just goes to show you that this is big news.

Fourth.....I'm sure there was a fourth thing, but I have no idea what it was anymore. Maybe it was a knitting thing, I did finish another hat. This time it was the Odessa hat from the free pattern at Magknits. Mine looks pretty much like the picture, although the yarn I chose is a little more blue and a little less purple. turned out well for my first foray into beading. I will have to say, though, that I had some troubles in the beginning. It took forever to thread the beads onto the yarn since I couldn't find a needle with a big enough eye to get the yarn through that would also pass through the beads. I ended up having to string them without a needle, and that was a nightmare, let me tell you. It took about three hours to get all the beads I needed on there (actually I ended up with more than I needed, but you better believe that they aren't ever coming off). Then, I started the pattern at least three times but I kept messing up and having to frog and start again. The first time I got through all the ribbing but forgot to switch to my larger needles when I started the pattern. The second time, I did the ribbing with the larger needles instead of the smaller ones like I was supposed to. The third time I managed to get all the needles right, but messed up on the pattern after about four rows, so I had to start again. Finally, I was smart and put markers after each repeat along the row (ten markers, one after every eleven stitches). That helped me keep up with where I was in my row and I didn't have nearly as much trouble after that. (This is why I can't knit patterns and watch TV at the same time.) Still, I'm pleased with the way the hat turned out. It fits. It's pretty. And I will never make it again, so it's a one-of-a-kind. What more can you want?

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