Monday, April 2, 2007

If I Were in Town, I'd Ask for Your Number

So, as usual, last night (being Sunday) there was a new episode of The Amazing Race. I watched, I swear I did, but I can't tell you what happened really.

If I Were in Town, I'd Ask for Your Number

It was a double episode so we got to see two legs (I thought it might have been one of those double legs, but no--just two legs shown on the same night due to the extreme spread of the teams). There was a lot of time spent in airports (to get to Poland) and lots more anti-bunching because apparently it is impossible to fly into or out of Zanzibar quickly). Then we had some forced bunching (and anti-bunching) to even things up a bit. The double episode had to be due to the fact that for the first time I the teams were so spread out that the first teams were starting the next leg before the last teams had finished the previous one (hence the forced bunching).

The teams went to Auschwitz, which was very cool and very somber. Quite the downer moment in the middle of the episode, but still, I don't suppose you could go through Poland and not visit the most famous Concentration camp in the world. Not surprisingly, each team had their own reaction to it (and Mirna managed to make it all about her). This also led to the revelation that Joe (of the Guidos) was (or has been at some point) Catholic since he made a very nice Sign of the Cross.

Charla & Mirna did a lot of yelling, which I assume means that they were no longer in front. (They yell much less when they are winning.) There was an intersection which is always interesting since it makes teams work together (and is even more fun when teams that hate each other have to work together ie: Guidos & Boobs). The intersection also served to spread the teams out even more by making the Beauty Queens wait on another team to work with as they were the third team to the Intersection after Uchenna/Joyce & Danny/Ozwald.

There was the first (and I hope last) eating task of the race where teams had to eat 2 feet of Polish Sausage (which I hope Charla & Mirna appreciated since they had been pestering their cabby about Polish Sausage since they landed in Poland). This led to much puking and very little drama. It also led to perhaps the only funny thing Eric (of the Boobs) has said on this race, ever which was "Ladies and Gentlemen....Miss California" after Dusting (or maybe Candace, I still can't tell them apart) puked up a pile of sausage.

In the end, it was the Guidos (despite their lovely Catholicism) who were Philiminated. Oh well, I didn't really care all that much.

What we learned this week: Joe is a Catholic (or at least a recovering Catholic, because God knows once they've got you, you are never the same again). Too much sausage is not a good thing. Never try to fly into or out of Zanzibar if you are in a hurry.

Best line of the week: Eric's "Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss California."

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