Friday, April 6, 2007

Big Blue Crazy

So the two week craziness that followed Tubby's departure for the land of snow, ice, and 1000 lakes is finally over. Yesterday, after weeks of waiting, watching, and about a million prayer circles, Billy Donovan said he wouldn't come to coach our esteemed team. You'd have thought the world had ended. Still, I guess we were all kind of living in a dream world to think that a coach who'd just won his second straight National Title would just up and leave his school to come to ours.

That was yesterday at noon. That was when the whirlwind started.

By the 6 o'clock news, the rumors were flying again about Rick Barnes, Jim Calapari, Travis Ford, and just about any other coach who has ever thought about coaching college basketball.

By the 11 o'clock news it was being reported that UK had asked for permission to talk to Billy Gillispie of Texas A&M.

By 6 this morning, UK had arranged a press conference/pep rally for noon where they announced that Billy (G not D) would be the next UK head coach.

In 24 hours we went from having our dreams dashed to cheering our new head coach. If only all of UK hires went that quickly, I wouldn't have been stuck with CrazyBoss for an extra four months while the UK Jobs system trudged along.

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