Friday, June 1, 2007

Evolution vs Creationism--The Eternal Debate

So the new "Creationism Museum" has opened here in Kentucky (where else) and stirred up all kinds of crazy. I'm discovering new things about myself everyday. For example, I am a scientist, therefore I can not belive in God (at least according to a woman named Vickie). I am very glad that I have people to tell me these things, otherwise how would I know? I am still trying to figure out which tihng I'm going to give up (God or my job) but when I do decide, I'll let you know.

I have also discovered that Adam and Eve apparently lived with Dinosaurs in the garden and because they were in the garden, even the great T-Rex was a veggie (I guess that's why he needed those rather large teeth and sharp claws). Noah also had Dinos on the ark (which must have been HUGE to hold two of every thing). Don't believe me, apparently it says so in the Bible (although I admit, I must have missed that part--maybe I was sick that day in Sunday School) at least according to this guy who posted over at

Ok, I want to tell all the people who do not belive in Chrsitanism and do not belive in God and Jesus. That if you read Genesis and understnad it, it will show you that all animals were created in the Garden of Eden. That means that all acutal meat eating dino's and other animals would be herbivours. After Adam and Eve sinned that was the fall of paridise. There was still dino's rouming around after God told Adam and Eve to leave paridise. When God told Noah told build an Ark. He told Noah to take 2 of ever unclean animal and 7 of every clean animal. That means Noah did take dino's with him. He took young ones of birhing age that way they could repopulate the earth after the flood. It has been proven that Carbon 14 dating is not accuret. It is mentioned in another 4 books after Genesis that there was still dino's on Earth. After the flood the climit changed and the Earth had diffrent moutian ranges, and diffrent land masses. I know the Bible is True and I belive it is true. Any man can have faith in something but I know the Bible is True. I have not been tought that the Bible is True I know it is true because I have seen the other side of things and I know that the Bible is True.
(This was a direct Copy-Paste. I wanted you to enjoy this guy in all his Christianism glory.)

Highly educated people over there, I tell you what. And I swear, I don't remember any mention of dinosaurs in the Bible, but then again, maybe I just had the wrong translation. And, I just don't really care how young a dinosaur is, some of those suckers were still HUGE so that boat must have been the size of Rhode Island to hold all of them and still manage to float.
It just aggrivates me that people make this into an All-or-Nothing issue. I've been a Christian and a church goer all my life (and am still a very active part of my church, thanks to Kyle) and a scientist for the better part of my life and I've never had any problem being both. I believe in Evolution. I don't see how you can't with all the evidence we have to support it. I also belive that Earth is just a tad bit older than the 5,000 or so years that Creationists claim. We have fossil records and carbon dating to prove it (and while I will admit that Carbon dating isn't the most accurate method of dating something, it will still get you within a couple of thousand years or so). That doesn't mean that I don't belive in God or that I don't think that God had a hand in creating the world. To me the theory of Evolution as well as the theory of how life got started on Earth give me more evidence that God exists since something had to have a hand in all that mess.

It bothers me when people take the Bible as fact--word for word fact--but only when they want to. Sure, it's okay to say that God literally created Adam and Eve (but boy are we sure inbred if they were the only two people he created) but we are going to overlook that whole don't eat unclean animals bit and that bit about not mixing meat and diary and that part about not working on the Sabbath (which is Saturday by the way). If you are going to argue that the Bible is the absolute word of God and should be taken literally, then you can't just pick and choose what parts you want to take and what parts you want to leave out. Just like in science you can't just choose to show the data that fits your hypothesis, you have to include all the data even if it raises more questions.

And while we are on the subject of Science, I want to make it clear to anyone who might not know (or for anyone who has had this argument with someone) that while Evolution is considered to be a Theory, it is a scientific theory, which is much different from what most people consider a theory. In science you have three basic types of things: Hypothesis, Theorys, and Laws. A Hypothesis is something you are testing. It is an idea you have but you aren't sure about it yet. A Theory is a Hypothesis that has been tested over and over again with the same result meaing that you are reasonably sure that it is true. A Law is something that has been proven so many times that it is universially accepted to be true (like gravity or Newton's laws of physics). Most Theories never move to the Law stage. However, most theories are accepted to be true becase they have been proven over and over again by different people in different labs. A Theory (in science) is not a guess, it is not a conjecture, it is something that has volumes of evidence to support it but has not yet become a Law.

Ok, I'm off my soapbox now, but this whole debate is just ridiculous to me. I guess I have trouble believing that so many people can believe in something so foolish when we have so much evidence to the contrary. But then again, we did elect Bush to another term, so go figure.

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