Monday, March 5, 2007

Just another Manic Monday

Actually, not much about this Monday is Manic. I actually have a bit of a break this week, but you won't hear me complaining.

Being that yesterday was about an Amazing Race All Stars Update? I don't remember if I've mentioned that the Amazing Race is back on, but it is. This time around it's an "All Star" edition which, to me mean that they take the best of the best teams and race them against each other (maybe the winners from the previous seasons or the second place teams). To the producers of the Amazing Race, however, this means they take a random selection of teams from other seasons. Here are this year's racers:

Kevin & Drew (Season 1) "The Frats"
I didn't start watching the Amazing Race until Season 5 or so, so I don't know anything about these guys. They seemed okay, but nothing special. They were knows as the frats, but I guess that's what they were on Season 1. This time around they were just "friends". Drew had all kinds of medical issues before they got "Phil-liminated" on Episode 2.

Ozwald & Danny (Season 2) dubbed the "Cha Chas"
I don't remember these guys from their Season either, but they are a ton of fun. They are both Cuban immigrants from Miami and very fun and friendly but good racers too. Both are gay (I'm pretty sure anyway) but they are not dating or life partners or anything. They are just best friends. One of them (I still have trouble remembering which is which) gave us the best line of the season so far when he commented in the first episode "I told you, less Martinis, more Cardio." My response: Yes, but martinis are much more fun.

John Vito & Jill (Season 3)
Again, a team that was before my time. They were "dating" in the first go round and are now "formerly dating" so I guess that is sad (maybe). I think their hook was supposed to be that they would get back together during the race, but alas, it was not to be. They got the boot on Episode 1. At least they get to spend some time together in a really sweet villa in Ecuador. That's probably a much better place to find love anyway.

Uchenna & Joyce (Season 7)
Now I do remember Uchenna and Joyce. They are one of my all time favorite teams and the only returning team to have won their race. Back then they seemed like such nice people and they still do. They were my pick to win on Season 7 (the only time other than the shall-not-be-spoken-of Family edition that that has happened) and I was glad to see them back. Who can forget Joyce in tears as they shaved her head to win the fast forward? I hope they do as well this time around. We need more nice people to win.

David & Mary (Season 10) "Kentucky"
Alright. I know that I should like these guys. I liked them the first time around. They are from good old KY. David wears something UK in every episode. But this time around, they just got on my nerves. I wanted to like them, but really they weren't that great of racers the first go round and I thought it was kind of funny that they got asked back. They seem like good people, though, so I'm glad they got the chance (twice) to race around the world. Unfortunately (maybe), they were the team to say Bye last night.

Charla & Mirna (Season 5) "Mirna & Schmirna"

For the record, I didn't give them that nickname. It came from someone on their first race. want to cheer for this team, but they just don't make it easy. Both of the grate on my nerves and I wasn't sorry to see them go out early on their first race. I won't be sorry if they go out early this time too although last night Mirna did make the wonderful comment (to a local who was helping them out) "I'm in a bathing suit. It's weird. I know."

Rob & Amber (Season 7) "Ramber"
(because apparently they are a Hollywood power couple)
This has got the be the most over exposed couple on TV. I can't stand these guys....well, Rob really, Amber has no personality that I can see. She just does what Rob tells her to (he spends an inordinate amount of time shouting instructions to "Babe"). They were annoying on Race 7 and they are annoying now. One of the other racers commented in an early episode this go round that they should have their own cable channel that just shows the reality shows they have been on. The sad thing is, you could probably make a channel like that pretty easily. They were the final two on a season of Survivor (that I didn't watch) where they hooked up and got engaged on the finale. Then they did Amazing Race 7 and changed the face of the game with their "Survivor-esq" strategy (although I have to admit that convincing everyone else that they couldn't do the Roadblock and to just take the 4 hour penalty was a brilliant move). Next, their wedding was televised. And I'm sure there was some other stuff in there somewhere that I didn't watch and don't know about. Now we get to see them run around the world one more time. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! Unfortunately, they are great racers and have come in first on every leg so far, so I think they are hear to stay for awhile.

Teri & Ian (Season 3)
This is another team that I have no previous knowledge of. Still, they seem like they could be fun. Ian (or Eye-an as Teri calls him) is a former Cop and they seem to be strong racers that don't create a lot of waves good or bad. They do seem to think that everyone will underestimate them because they are "old". I guess maybe they are but I don't think they look that old. Maybe I'm just weird that way. I wouldn't mind getting to see more of them but I also wouldn't be too sad to see them go. Also, I have no idea why they seem to be dancing in their photo.

Eric & Danielle (Season 9)
This team is the team that makes the least sense to me. They weren't originally a team at all. They came from two different teams on Season 9 (neither of which I remember) and apparently they had a "thing" so they decided to bring back two people from teams that weren't all the memorable the first go round (I wouldn't have had a clue who Eric was if they didn't feel the need to show me his nipple rings again--yes he has both nipples pierced) to run again. So far, he seems to be running the race on his own, just bringing her along to carry more baggage I guess? Who knows. They did better this week, but mostly because they got lucky with their flight.

Joe & Bill (Season 1) "The Guidos"
First things first, I don't have a clue who these guys are, but I wish I did. Apparently they are "life partners" who became the ultimate Amazing Race villains (which compared to villians in the rest of the reality TV world, aren't so bad, but still...). Their nickname comes from their dog, I guess, and they have it embroidered on the vests they are wearing in the photo (and every episode). So far, they seem to have mellowed some for this go round, but I have a feeling that things could get ugly fast. Also, one of them....Bill I think (this is another team that I have a hard time keeping track of who is who) always looks like he's wearing too much eyeliner. Lay off the make up for the race boys.

Dustin & Kandice (Season 10) "Beauty Queens"
These girls are from the most recent Season of Amazing Race (along with David and Mary) and they drove me crazy then. One is a former Miss New York and the other is a former Miss California (I think). They used that fact, and the fact that they are beautiful shamelessly on their last race, but seem to have figured out that it didn't really get them anywhere, so they dropped it this go round. They were the highest finishing All Female team on the Amazing Race, to I guess they do actually qualify as "All Stars" but I'm still not sure how I feel about them coming back again so soon. At least they admit to having "blond moments".

So, in summary here is my break down of teams that I like, don't like, or just don't care (yet):
  • Like: Uchenna & Joyce, Ozzy & Danny, Teri & Ian
  • Dislike: Rob & Amber, Eric & Danielle, Charla & Mirna
  • Don't Care: Dustin & Kandace, Guidos
  • Eliminated: John Vito & Jill, Kevin & Drew, David & Mary
And my predictions:
  • Final Three: Rob & Amber, Uchenna & Joyce, Ozzy & Danny
  • Next three: Guidos, Dustin & Kandace, Teri & Ian
  • Next to go: Charla & Mirna (we can only hope)

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