Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Amazing Race....Again

Some thoughts from watching tonight's Amazing Race premier:

  • Every reality TV show should have a pair of Harlem Globetrotters on it. They make things so much more entertaining. Plus hearing Phil say Flight Time and Big Easy makes me laugh.
  • Eliminating one team at the start weeds out the most stupid team. Thank you PTB for not making me watch the Yoga teachers for an entire hour.
  • US games shows need to be more like Japanese games shows......Eaaaaaat Wasabiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!
  • Why do people think that they can lie their way through the race? The other teams are stupid. They will know that you don't work with homeless kids in LA.
  • How do the girls not know that the brothers teams is gay? Those guys are two of the most gay men I've ever seen....they even have matching orange passport holders.
  • Everyone needs to shovel mud at some point in their lives. Spreading it on fruit trees is optional.
  • Yelling at animals has never made them do what you want. Come to think of it, yelling at people doesn't work either.
  • I could watch angry, frustrated people herd ducks all day.
  • I love that the Asberger's guy handled the challenges so much better than most of the people on the race.
  • People, if you are going to run the Amazing Race, please learn to read a map. And to drive a stick. And also to look at the details. Those are skills you will need at some point during the race.

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