Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Feast or Famine

Dear UK sports teams,

I realize that this holiday weekend is a busy one for you. I also realize that it probably isn't the best situation to have to be out on the road for what is normally a family holiday. But please keep just a few things in mind.

To the Football team:
Last year I sat in the freezing cold for almost 4 hours to watch you blow your chance to beat Tennessee for the first time since I've been alive. (No, I wasn't at the game, I was sitting on my Dad's couch, but the furnace had gone out and the house had no heat). Please remember that when you are facing the Vols again on Saturday. I would very much like to beat them this year, especially since they are about as bad as and Tennessee football team is likely to ever be. It is just another game. They are just another team. Please, just pretend that it's Norfolk State, only they are in their Orange uniforms for this game.

To the Men's Basketball team:
You need to win your game on Friday. No excuses. No mistakes. You have to win. Not only to give yourselves a win over a team that isn't Longwood or Delaware State, but because you need to play in the late game on Saturday so that I can watch the football team play too. I don't want to have to pick between the two of you. And if I do, I'd have to say that you might be the loser. After all, at least the football team almost beat Alabama and Georgia. There wasn't anything almost about your loss to UNC. So win, that way it won't be an issue.

To the Women's Basketball team:
Honestly, while I enjoy watching you play and usually try to keep up with your games, there is just too much going on this weekend. Play well, but I'm not going to be watching. After all, I have to find time somewhere to eat and sleep and shop.

And finally, to Mitch Barnhart:
While I realize that the Thanksgiving holiday is a big sports weekend, do you think that next year you could spread things out some? After all, there are plenty of other weekends in the year for our teams to play, they don't all have to play at the same time. And I'm sure the broadcast crews will thank you too.

Yours Truly,

A Big Blue Fan.

PS. And just to underscore the madness: From the Herald-Leader Wild UK Weekend

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Chris Carrico said...

Hi, Kimmy,

I was touched by your entry about your grandfather, Harold Carrico. His little brother Frank was my grandfather. I'd love to share what stories I have of Harold, Frank, Randall, and the rest of the family. Drop me a line sometime.

As far as the Cats, I never thought I'd live to see the day when a win over Kansas State was something to celebrate!

Your cousin,

Chris Carrico
Metamora, IL