Sunday, October 7, 2007

I'm Melting......

Okay, so it's not "tomorrow" but oh well. Life happened.

Actually, Keeneland happened. Friday was the opening day of Keeneland's Fall meet which means that Saturday was spent at the track because you can't waste a non-football beautiful weather Keeneland Saturday. Those don't happen all that often.

This year, my friend Thai (aka Buddy) decided to tailgate for Keeneland which is almost as big an event as tailgating for football. So, Sister and I decided to join her before we were off to the races.

That part was fun. There was free beer. And free food. Then we went inside to watch the ponies run and It. Was. Hot!!! I have never been to Keeneland in either the spring or the fall when it was that hot! The temperature was somewhere around 92 with about 80% humidity and absolutely no breeze at all. It felt more like mid August than early October. But we had fun anyway. And a horse named Sugar Swirl won me a few dollars so all was good with the world. It was almost enough to make me forget how awful our football team looked on Thursday night.

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