Thursday, October 4, 2007

Where oh where have you been?

So....after an incredibly long hiatus filled with weddings and babies (not mine!) and travel and all sorts of other fun (but not really) stuff, I am back. Really, I didn't forget about the blog that no one reads, I just didn't have the time to do anything with it. But now I'm back with two very exciting tidbits.

First, I am finally the proud owner of a digital camera! So now, I can take pictures! Yea!!! So, expect more photos now, and more updates on what I'm currently knitting since I can photograph whatever and whenever I want these days.

Second, I return just in time for possibly the crazies most random night of TV watching ever seen. Tonight there are 5 different programs that I will be watching or DVRing. Ugly Betty comes first at 8:00, then Supernatural with it's season premier at 9:00 and finally Without a Trace (which moved from Sunday) and Big Shots on at 10:00. As if all this craziness wasn't enough, the UK football team is playing South Carolina tonight on ESPN starting at 7:30 and since the team is actually half way good this year, I really want to watch that game as well.

What does all this mean? Mostly that I will be doing a lot of channel flipping and the DVR will be working overtime for most of the night. Also, Without a Trace may not get recorded if the game isn't over yet since I can only watch/record two things at a time. But, if the Cats win, all will be forgotten (as long as Supernatural gets recorded). Everything else will just be water under the bridge.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a Football/TV update and maybe some pics. (Possibly one of the oft-mentioned but never seen Dean the turtle). Now, I'm off to the gym and then to my oh-so-wonderful History of Kentucky class. Fun times.

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