Thursday, October 18, 2007

Farewell for Now?

I drug Jenny to see Nickel Creek last night at the Singletary Center. They are currently on their Farewell (For Now) Tour and I couldn't pass up one last chance to see them play, especially at Singletary which is a great venue for music and (according to the band) one of their favorite places to play. They've played there four times and I've been there for all four. I won't miss a chance to see them live for anything.

The first concert happened just before Christmas and was amazing. They just blew me away with what amazing musicians they all were, especially to only be in their early twenties. And then, for their second encore, they invited anyone who wanted to come, up on the stage, unplugged, and took requests for Christmas carols. Their version of Silent Night was a magical experience.

The next time they came to play, I made sure to get tickets and they once again had everyone up on stage for an encore and finished with the most beautiful version of the hymn Be Thou My Vision that I have every heard.

Their last concert here (before this one) I made sure to get the best tickets I could (5th row) and got Jenny to go with me. This time, when it came time to get up on the stage, we actually got pretty close to the band, and sitting there, listening to Chris Thile sing Green and Grey which is one of my favorite songs off of any of their CDs was one of the greatest moments ever. It really was.

This year, I was afraid that they weren't going to come back. They had always talked about how they loved to play at the Singletary Center, but they had been here the last two years and I thought that maybe they would pass up by on this tour. I was a little late getting tickets, so we weren't as close as we were last time, but any seat is a good seat in that venue. I was just glad to be in the building. They played all their best songs and I got to hear most of my favorites one more time (except for Green and Grey) and while we didn't make it up on the stage this year, we did get to stand next to the stage for the encore. They took requests again, although not Christmas Carols, since it was still a bit early and then finished with When You Come Back Down. It was the first Nickle Creek song I ever heard and has always been one of my favorites, so it seemed fitting that the last song they played was the first one I heard. And, if it turns out it is the last song I ever hear them play live, I think that is a fitting ending.

And on an unrelated note, some long promised, never seen pics of Dean:
Hiding in his bushes
A front shot, sorry about the darkness, but flash and glass don't mix.

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