Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm Breaking up with you Bill Meck

I'm breaking up with you Bill Meck. You've been my weatherman since I first came to Lexington in the fall of 2000 (yes, that long ago), and I refused to watch anyone else....until now. I've had enough of this snow. And the ice. And the coldness. I'm done with it. I want spring.

Now, you might say that this is not your fault. True. However, you could act a little less enthusiastic about it. You have been far to happy about this weekly (read every Tuesday) winter weather we've been having. While normally your total unabashed geekyness about the weather is one of the reasons I love to watch your weather casts (I finally found someone who is a bigger geek than me!), when you are continually forecasting more snow, ice, and really coldness (highs of 28!!) the last thing I want is for the bringer of this news to be happy about it. So I am breaking up with you until you can give me a forecast with no snow and temperatures in the 70s every day. Until then, goodbye. Perhaps I will have better luck with T.G. Shuck or Brad James.

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