Monday, September 22, 2008

Every Journey Starts with a Single Step...

So I'm now almost a week into my 1001 days and I've already gotten started on a few things. Here is my update:

#26.) Try 5 Restaurants I've never been to before--For my birthday dinner, I actually picked a novel restaurant. We went to Bonefish grill. Now I know it's a chain, and I was actually thinking more of fun local places when I made the list, but still, I had never eaten there before. And I'll have to say, it was good. I actually enjoyed the dinner quite a bit, and for a "nicer restaurant" it was good. I still prefer Malone's I think for a nice dinner out, but it was very good.

#89.) Buy a new couch--I actually started this one before my birthday, but the couch didn't arrive until last Thursday. However, the guys who brought it managed to tear 2 holes in it on their way up the stairs, so they are going to have to either replace the fabric or the couch. We'll see what the company wants to do. But below you can see a picture of my old couch (which I inherited from my parents who purchased it before I was born) and my new couch (which I love, apart from the holes).

Old couch (very comfortable, but also well loved)

New couch (don't mind all the junk that has already accumulated on it)

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