Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Just call out my name.....

So, unless you have been living in a cave for the last few days, you've probably heard about Hurricane Gustav. He was supposed to be the next big thing after Katrina, but it turns out that while he still packed a punch, his bark was bigger than his bite. But still, I wouldn't have wanted him to run over my house at full tilt (although if he wants to head this way now and give us a bit of rain, that would be fine).

And while it appears that the government (at all levels) learned their lesson from Katrina and did a much better job this go round of being prepared, the thing that I want to point out is this: Americans are a generous bunch of people.

I spent the Labor Day Holiday Weekend at my Dad's house, and on Monday when I was driving back to Lexington along I-65 I noticed 4 convoys of large trucks heading south along the interstate. Two were made up of bucket trucks that looked to belong to a phone or electric company, one was made up of some kind of trucks with big drill looking things on them, and the other was full of trucks pulling trailers labeled with PortaClean or something along those lines. I can only assume the last one had something to do with mobile showers or bathrooms. But what struck me was just how many trucks I saw in a very short distance (only about 50 miles or so). It just goes to show that, in general, Americans are a helpful bunch and while we may see the news and think that there is no one out there anymore who cares about his fellow man, all you have to do is look at something as simple as a convoy of trucks on the interstate to see otherwise.

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