Monday, March 10, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday....

A couple of thoughts on this Monday.....

1.) Every year it's an adventure to see who will or who won't cry during the Senior Day festivities at Rupp. This year, the seniors held firm, although a couple of the moms got a bit teary. But this year, the award for the most waterworks goes to Billy G. Of all the people on the court, Billy was the one blubbering the most. Why the first year coach with no long term connection to the players, program, or the state got all teary eyed at My Old Kentucky Home is anyone's guess, but it made me love him. You gotta love a coach who feels that much emotion for his team.

2.) I love March. I love the fact that college basketball becomes a national event. I love the drama of the final few regular season games. I love the emotions of Senior Day. I love the do or die feeling of the conference tournaments. And most of all, I love the anything can happen attitude of the big dance. You can't beat the high drama of a single elimination 65 team system where you don't have to be the best team all season long, you just have to be the best team on any given night. The Cinderella teams that make a big run in March are what makes the NCAA tournament great and they are the reason I would watch even if UK didn't make the field of 65.

That long weekend of the tournament is one of my favorite weekends of the year. You can watch basketball from noon until past midnight for four straight days and nearly every game comes down to the wire because it's all or nothing. And really, you can't beat that.

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