Sunday, March 16, 2008

Selection Sunday

Well, after a very eventful SEC Tournament (which Jenny and I thankfully decided not to attend this year) it is almost time for us to find out if our late season run is enough to get us into the big dance. While I was hoping for a better showing in our game against Georgia, I can't fault the boys for coming out a bit flat considering that they played the game at noon on Saturday instead of 10:00pm on Friday in an arena that they hadn't had a chance to practice in, against a team which plays there at least once every other year, in front of empty stands.

And, while I am disappointed in our loss, and they jury-rigged set up for the rest of the tournament, once you see the pictures of what the area around the Georgia Dome looked like Saturday morning, you can see why they had to take such drastic measures. It really is amazing that no one in the Dome got hurt. They really dodged a huge bullet there. Someone up above was looking out for them.

Still, not knowing if UK is in the NCAA tournament this year, a loss to Georgia, which is playing for the SEC title right now, was not the way we wanted to go out. The general consensus right now is that our 12-4 SEC record is enough to get us in, and I am hoping they are right.

But, before we know that answer to that question, I just want to go on the record as saying that no matter what, whether we go to the NCAA or the NIT or just go home, this team has to go down as one of the most loved Kentucky teams in history. Their resilience has been amazing, and I feel privileged to have been able to watch so many of their games in person.

Mark Story, a reporter for the Herald-Leader wrote a column the other day talking about giving this team a nickname like the Unforgettables of '92 or the Fabulous Five. Of the several suggestions he listed in his article, his favorite (and mine) was The Unbreakables. This team has been through the fire and they have come out Unbreakable. So no matter what, GO CATS!

Oh, and just for fun, here a video that was shot to show at UK's Midnight Madness in 2004. It was a parody of the "This is Sportscenter" commercials. If you watch closely, you can see Jenny and I just after the girl hits her second shot. We are the two goofy blondes jumping around next to the guy with the big blue Cat paw on one hand. Enjoy.

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