Monday, March 8, 2010

Turning Lemons into Lemonaid

So, due to some unforeseen tax circumstances, my monthly budget is gone just 7 days in to the month. This means no more spending--or at least a s little spending as possible.

Now, this presents me with a dilemma. How do you eat without spending money?

At first, this seemed like a tall order. Then, I decided that this would be an opportunity to see what I could make from the food currently in my pantry, freezer, and fridge. So, we are going to see how little I can spend on groceries this month.

To be fair, I'd already bought a little food before this crisis set in, although not much. Some chicken nuggets, fries, and ketchup. A veggie tray, pop, chips and dip for a party. And milk and bread. So far, my grocery bill for March comes to $39.66.

Now, yesterday here is what I ate:

3 Chocolate Chip muffins made from a muffin mix an 1/2 cup milk
Leftover Tortilla Chips and Queso from the party Saturday
Dinner at my Sister's House
A piece of Blackberry Cobbler that I baked last week

So, from now on, I'm going to try and keep up with what I cook and eat and where it comes from. I'll also track my grocery spending through the month and list what I buy. It should be an interesting experiment. I want to see if I can keep my grocery bill below $75.00. We'll see.

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Jordan said...

Good luck! I have been on the "poor" diet for many years and it has worked very well so far.