Thursday, February 8, 2007

A Healthy Dose of Chlorine Anyone?

So I had to forgo some of my usual Thursday night TV viewing because I had other obligations. What could possibly be more important than my Thursday TV? I had to time at the SEC Swimming Championships.

Just in case you didn't know, I was a swimmer (was being the key word there). I loved it, but I didn't love it enough to continue it into college so my career was over at 17. Tonight was the first time I questioned that decision. I realized tonight that I really miss it. I miss the camaraderie. I miss the adrenaline rush. I miss the good feeling that comes from a good swim. I miss the smell of chlorine. (Yes, I really do miss that smell. Something about it just calms me down and makes my happy.) I also miss the half naked, very buff guys walking around on the pool deck, but that's another story.

In the middle of all my nostalgia, I got another surprise. I ran into not one, but TWO girls that I used to swim against (back in the day). One was swimming for Auburn and the other was timing (like me). I didn't speak to either of them (although the swimmer was in my lane), since neither of them were on my list of favorite people when we competed, but it was just an odd coincidence to run into them both on the same day. I just wonder what some of the other people I swam with (the ones that I liked) are up to? Rebecca Shults, are you out there? Or Deanne Thomas? Who knew that one day the people that were so important to me when I was 17 would be just a memory? Isn't life funny that way?

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