Saturday, February 3, 2007

Supernatural Saturday

So I finally got to watch this week's Supernatural and it was....good. I know that doesn't sound all the positive, but really, it is. I enjoyed the episode. I found it interesting. I had to watch it again. But it wasn't "WOW". I guess maybe I expected too much from this one. I saw the previews last week and immediately I expected greatness. The promos made me think of Faith from last season and that is one of my all time favorite episodes of Supernatural (if not my all time favorite...although I love Shadow too). This one was a good episode, but it wasn't up to "Faith" level. It did raise some interesting questions, however.....

If an angel appeared to you and asked you to kill someone for God, would you do it? Even if it meant you would spend the rest of your life locked up? Would God ask you to do something like that? Even if the person you were supposed to kill was evil?

Or, a more basic question, Are there such things as angels? (or unicorns?) I think there are. I guess it's my Catholic background, but I've always loved the idea of a "guardian angel" that looks out for me and keeps me safe. I like the feeling that I'm not alone in this world, even when I feel all alone in this world. I do have to admit, though, that in Kimmy land angels are nice beings. They love me and protect me and encourage me. I never really got that whole "an angel appeared and they were scared shit less" thing that happens so often in the Bible. In my world, and angel wouldn't be scary, it would be the most wonderful thing to ever happen to me...although I kind of hope that I never see one since every time they come and talk to someone, it usually involves doing something that's not so much fun for God. I wouldn't turn him down, but I don't really want to be picked for that team.

The other question that I had after the episode was Would God actually kill someone himself if he thought they needed to die? And if he would, then why not kill people like Hitler who did awful things? Is it okay for God to kill someone? Even if it's not okay for us to kill them?

Interesting questions and ones that I will have to mull over for awhile. I love that a TV show can raise these kinds of questions and I love that it did it without preaching at me. It just did it's thing and took me along for the ride.


The hooker from God...

And her scary Angel

And the Austin Powers Angel

Sammy says "Huh, I never noticed the Austin Powers thing. What was I thinking?"

But look, I can do magic...

I really think this girl is supposed to be scared, but she looks like she's laughing. Of course, I'd probably look like that too if Jensen was grabbing me like that.
And this guy...I swear he was on Dawson's Creek (another guilty pleasure show of mine). If I remember correctly, he was Jack's first boyfriend (Toby maybe?). I could be wrong, though. I haven't done the IMDB search to make sure.
I guess I'm done now.

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