Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It's Tuesday and my boss is stuck in Hawaii

Yes, my boss is stuck in Hawaii (poor him). He's been lounging about on the island for the last three weeks, but was supposed to return yesterday. However, he apparently had some flight issues (missed, delayed, cancelled) and won't return until tomorrow. This is perfectly fine with me, but I want to get stuck in Hawaii. Oh well.

By the way, the quote for the day on my calendar (Wild Words from Wild Women) is:

"I get to work on time every day, 8:45am. Because the UPS man comes at nine, and he's fine as hell."

It's quite apt, I think. Not that our UPS man is all that fine, or that I ever see the UPS man for that matter, but still....I like the thought.

Moving on in my ADD ramblings for the day, it's Lent and I've given up caffeinated beverages for Lent (but not all caffeine--do you have any idea how much stuff caffeine is in? It's crazy) which means I'm about half way asleep and have a hell of a headache. I had to go out last night and buy some grape juice because I was getting mighty tired of drinking just water (since Coke and Tea are out). Sunday night I ended up drinking beer with dinner just to have something different. Somehow I don't think that's what I was going for when I decided to give up caffeine.

Last night I also watched a new TV show The Black Donnellys. It wasn't bad. I'll probably watch it, at least for awhile, since I don't currently watch anything on Monday nights at all. It was also kind of interesting since one of the main characters (Tommy) bears an uncanny resemblance to my friend Nick (well, I guess in reality, it's the actor that looks like Nick, but still....). Judge for yourself.....
Tommy Donnelly (aka some actor dude)

My friend Nick (sorry Nick, I swiped the pic from your Myspace)

I don't know, maybe it's just me, but they do look alike (except for the hair). Oh well.

In knitting news, I'm getting close to being finished with the Harry Potter look alike scarf. I've only got two more repeats to do and then fringe. Still can't take any pictures. One of these days I will have a digital camera, but not any time soon (the $220 MP3 Player took care of that).

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