Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Supernatural, Yarn Heaven, and a Religious Experience

I went to my LYS (Local Yarn Store...see I'm a totally hip yarnster) for the first time this Saturday. I had been waiting to go because I had a feeling that once I went, I would be ruined forever, but I felt like I had spent enough time practicing on cheap yarn from Michael's and Joanne's that I could move up to the good stuff. Let me just say WOW. I was in awe, or maybe shock, or perhaps shock and awe. I have never seen that much yarn in my entire life. There was yarn of every color, texture, weight, fiber, and price (who knew that you could pay $35.00 for one skein of yarn?). I shall never be the same again. This store also sold Cross Stitch supplies (which is my first crafty love) so I was doubly in heaven. I meant to ask for a schedule of their classes, but I forgot. Next time I will have to since I would love to take a class there. Not that I mind the solitary teach yourself to knit from a book and some websites way of things, but sometimes you need someone to explain things to you in person.

I did get some lovely wool yarn in purple and this wonderful variegated purple/green to make my first hat (as well as some 16" size 8 circs) which I did knit up this weekend, and then frogged because it was too short. I started on it again yesterday, got about 3/4 of the way done, and then had to frog a couple of the stripes because the back (where they joined) looked all wonky (I am a perfectionist, I know this about myself and I accept that fact.). I should be able to get it done either tonight or tomorrow, though. I may have to take pics of this one, since I'm so proud of the fact that I can make circular things now. (Jenny, I'm coming for your camera, beware.) What's next? I have no idea. Maybe Mittens!

In other news. I have finally gotten to watch this week's episode of Supernatural in it's entirety. Remember I said I had to go to dinner with my Dad? Well, I didn't end up getting home in time to catch the beginning of the episode, but no problem right? The DVR had it covered, right? WRONG! For whatever reason the DVR decided not to record Supernatural that night (even though I checked that it was set to about 100 times before I left the house). Darn you evil technology! This is why I don't trust that darn thing. All was not lost, however, because I'm OCD and I had also set the VCR (old school, but at least it never fails me) to tape as well (score one for the neurotics!). The only draw back was that I had to wait for the VCR to finish taping before I could rewind and watch the first half of the episode, so I ended up watching the second half of the episode first and then going back and watching the whole thing. It was good. Well worth the time and the hassle of trying to get to see it. I do think the impact was somewhat diminished by knowing exactly what was going to happen. Oh well. This week I plan to be home on Thursday night so that I can see the whole episode as it airs in the correct order. Don't mess with my Supernatural baby!!
I leave you with some bondage, cute boys and maybe some gun porn (just saying is all):

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