Monday, January 8, 2007

New Year, New Stuff

Happy New Year!!!

Yes, I know I'm a bit late, but hey, I was stuck in the land of no Internet for most of the holiday season, and it's taken me until now to get caught up on all the stuff that fell by the wayside while I was gone. It's the thought that counts anyway people.

Since it is a new year and since starting a new years means we all have to vow to lose weight, gripe less, work harder and just generally become better people, I thought I'd put out my goals for 2007. (Note: These are not resolutions. I don't do resolutions because I always forget my resolutions. These are goals.)

1.) I will run in a 5K this year. I know I was going to do this in 2006, but I got waylaid. Actually, the family got in the way, but I will do it this year--at the Fancy Farm Picnic, if not before. (And this could actually count as a resolution because it involves exercising more, which usually is a resolution that I forget or otherwise fail at, so HA!)

2.) I will improve in my knitting to the point that I will knit (or begin knitting, or begin to attempt to knit) a sweater. I don't think I have the attention span to do this, but we'll see. It would be cool.

3.) I will hire a new Associate Pastor for my church so that I can finally get off that darned search committee (thanks again Kyle). Although I will miss the other people on the committee. They really can be fun.
4.) (Goal 3 leads directly to...) I will take a class in the Fall. UK pays for me to take at least one class a semester and I haven't had the time to use that benefit for the last year or so, but I will take one in the Fall. I promise.

5.) I will finally make one of the trips that I keep talking about but never take (to Chicago to visit Nick, to Chicago to visit John, to D.C. to visit the 14 people I know that have moved there). It will happen.

6.) (I was only going to have 5, but this is like an extra bonus). I will go out on a date. Maybe only one, but I will go out on at least one date. Really, it's not that I turn guys down, most of the time no one asks me. In fact, I don't think I have ever said no to a guy when he asked me on a date (not counting drunken bar incidents since I'm going to guess that most of those guys don't remember that they asked me the next morning).

Oh, and just in case you are keeping score at home, I still haven't seen Scopeman, although I did get two emails from him over the break--one saying thank you for the ecard that I sent him, and another without solicitation saying Happy New Year. Boys are strange.

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