Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Lights and Trains...oh yeah, and Hats

So I have a meeting tonight of the dreaded PNC (or Search Committee). I think, perhaps, just maybe I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Or it's a train. Either way, at least there is some hope that we will be done sometime this decade. (We'll be done by Christmas, Woody? Christmas 2020?) Until then, however, I will continue to post this picture of Kyle every time I mention this darned committee (because this is all his fault, you know) (and he could have avoided this if he had helped me move, but HE chose to be busy that you know....)

In other wonderful and exciting news, I finally finished my hat (Crazy Aunt Purl's Easy Roll Brim Hat) last night while the Cats were stomping South Carolina. (If they are going to play like that, I will knit up a hat every time they play.) It's very cute, I promise, but seeing as how I don't have a digital camera, I can't show you all. I guess you'll just have to come see it in person. And to think it only took me three tries, two froggings, and one week to get it all finished. I might just get the hang of this knitting thing yet. If the flood doesn't come and swallow me up.

It finally stopped raining after about five days of nothing but gray skies and drizzle, and I thought I was in the clear. But NO! Today it was clear and sunny (if darned cold) outside, but we had a freaking FLOOD inside. One of the post docs from another lab was using our water system to fill up a big 10L carboy (which is normal). She put the carboy under the spigot, turned it on, and left. I didn't pay much attention to what was going on until the cleaning lady asked if I needed a mop. I was confused until I turned around and saw that the post doc had forgotten to close the spout on her container so all the water she was putting into the jug was flowing out again at the bottom. By the time anyone noticed, there was a large pond forming on the floor. Cleaning it up was not fun and involved a mop, some towels, and lots of complaining. I love my job. I do. I swear.

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