Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Knitting and Novels (and snow--so go buy bread & milk)

I swear, this week is going by super slow and I'm beginning to think it may never end. Oh well.....

In knitting updates, I finally finished the hat I was making for my sister. It's very cute sort of fuchsia/hot pink with a purple stripe done in Cascade 220. I hope it fits her. I tried it on, and it fit me (and my huge head) but it was tighter than my hat, so we'll see.

I'm still not done with my Magic Scarf. I'm nearly through 2 balls of Artisan's Shakespeare yarn (with one more to go), but I've gotten bored with it, so who knows when it will get done. I do think, however, that I will give it to my sister along with her hat since the colors work out so well. I didn't plan it that way, but no one needs to know that. Plus, I have the feeling that by the time this scarf is done, I'm going to hate it way too much to wear so someone should get some enjoyment out of it.

I have also frogged, wound, and restarted my Harry Potter like scarf that was the beginning off all this craziness. This time I'm using my size 8 16" circs so that I can get that "purty" stockinette stitch and not have to purl. It's going okay, I've gotten one repeat done and am about 1/3 of the way through another. It would go faster, I think, if I could just stop falling asleep while I'm working on it. Something about that dang scarf just makes me sleepy!

I do have my next project picked out, however (and I may have found a use for my Noro). I've been thinking that I'd like to learn to do entrelac, and there is a really nice pattern on knitty for an entrelac scarf (Danica) and I'm on the waiting list for the book Scarf Styles from the library which has a pattern in it called "Lady Eleanor" which is a entrelac stole type thing. I love the way this looks, and Noro is supposed to be just wonderful for entrelac type things, so perhaps the Noro has found a home.

Speaking of the library, I got in some holds yesterday that I just love (so far). They are both books by Debbie Macomber (who I love as an author) and they involve a lady who has just opened a knitting shop! Knitting and novels all in one go, who knew!? So far I'm about 1/3 the way done with The Shop on Blossom Street. I started it last night and I couldn't put it down. I've also go A Good Yarn (the best name for a knitting shop EVER, BTW) so that I won't miss a beat when I'm done with book 1. I have a feeling that actually knitting is going to take a backseat to reading about people knitting until I get these two books done (unless, of course I can find a way to read and knit at the same time, but this is doubtful since I still have issues knitting and watching TV at the same time).

Normally I'd be looking forward to my Thursday night knitting extravaganza by now, but this week isn't quite so exciting. (Warning, Rant ahead) Ugly Betty is new, but Supernatural is being preempted for a basketball game!! And it's not even a UK basketball game (that would upset me, but I could deal)! NO, we decided to show EKU vs Morehead St. instead of Supernatural. While I appreciate that EKU and Morehead are wonderful schools and they deserve to be on TV just as much as any other program, why on Thursday night? And why, when we have two channels that show the exact same thing at all times (the old UPN Ch 5 and the old WB Ch 17) do we need to show the game ON BOTH OF THEM? Couldn't we show the game on one and Supernatural on the other? I will get to see Supernatural eventually, but they aren't showing it until midnight. After the game, at 10pm, we are showing Oprah!! and then we start Smallville at 11 and Supernatural at 12. Why in the world do we need to show a rerun of Oprah? Can't we start Smallville at 10 so that I won't have to stay up until 1 to fill my Supernatural quota for the week? Oh well. Rant over.

Also, it is supposed to snow 1-4 inches tomorrow which means the world will end, so I guess this won't really be an issue. We all need to rush out and buy bread and milk so that we won't starve (because everyone knows that you can't live through a snow storm without bread and milk) and prepare for the end. At least we can all be happy with our bread and milk. Perhaps we should buy some eggs too and make french toast since that is pretty much all I can think to do with just bread and milk (and eggs). I hope you survive...

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