Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thursday Thinkings...Knitting, Supernatural, and what's wrong with TV today

It's Thursday and I'm tired. Really, I've been tired all week, but for some reason it seems worse today. (My right arm also hurts for some unknown reason.) At least it's warmer today than it has been, although I think it is supposed to get COLD next week. Oh well, it is winter. Maybe the cold weather will inspire me to knit something nice and cozy. I think, perhaps, my next project needs to be a hat. I need to practice knitting on circular needles as well as the Dreaded Double Pointed Needles of Death! A hat would accomplish both of these goals as well as cater to my need for short, simple projects that I can finish quickly since I think I have knitting ADD. I think I liked Knitty's Calorimetry so much because I could finish it in just a few hours (read two or three days) of knitting. This may be my biggest problem when I start my New Year Goal of Knitting a sweater.

In other Thursday is the first new episode of Supernatural since it went on hiatus back before Christmas. This is one of those shows that I like to watch and that I harbor a secret addiction to (and since nobody reads this, it is still a secret, see how sly I am ;) ). I love that it can scare the pants off me, and I love that it is different from pretty much anything else out there. It's not a medical drama like ER or Grey's Anatomy. It's not a law drama like Law & Order (any of them) or CSI (which I can't watch because of the bad, bad science in that show. It just makes me mad when they make mistakes like that. Can't they pay someone to do some research?). And most importantly, it's not reality TV. Now, I will admit to watching some reality TV. I LOVE The Amazing Race and Project Runway, but other than that, I don't watch much Reality TV. I want my TV shows to take me away from reality, and the last thing I want to see is a bunch of money hungry whiners running around in some mansion competing for a million dollars. (I want a million dollars!!!) The problem with TV today is that this kind of thing passes as entertainment, and PEOPLE WATCH IT!!!

Anyway, I love Supernatural because it is not only a show that can creep me out (but the bad guy always gets had in the end, so I can still sleep at night), but it has the most wonderfully real relationship between the two main characters. They are brothers, and you actually believe that they are brothers. They fight and pick and tease. They know just what to say to push the other one's buttons. They bring up all kinds of things from the past that should really just stay buried (literally sometimes). But they also have this wonderful way of showing each other that they care without saying anything and without being over the top. They might fight, but they still stick up for each other when someone else jumps into the mix. Really, they remind me of my sister and me (without the whole demon hunting thing, of course). I came for the scares, but I stayed because of the brothers. (Plus they are hot, so that helps too. I sat through all of the movie Troy just to see 30 seconds of Brad Pitt's ass, so I can totally do 1 hour of good TV every week if I get to stare at Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.)

Anywho, it comes back tonight for the first new episode in a month or so, so that is exciting I guess. Now all I have to do is make sure that I'm home from dinner with Dad before 9 so I can watch it (although I guess that's what DVR is for, right? oh, and since I'm a dork and don't trust my DVR 100%, I also record it on VHS as well. Yeah, I need help). And, yes, I realize that Grey's Anatomy also comes on at 9 on Thursday, but really, what are you going to miss? Someone is going to sleep with someone (probably Meridith) and someone is going to get mad at someone (again, Meridith). And, if you really must see all this, they show it again on Friday nights at 8. Really, people, branch out. Be different. Watch something new. If you don't like, you can go back to watching Sex in a Hospital (I mean Grey's Anatomy).

In the mean time, I'm going to go buy yarn to knit a hat. Go me!!

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